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business payment automation

AVERATO is a software system designed to create IoT infrastructures for remote control of various devices integrated access to different payment channels.

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Main benefits


AVERATO has integrations with cashless payment solutions like Sumup and Paysera, bank cards and cryptocurrencies. In all cases, vending operators are simply registering and partnering with the external payment system of their choice and go through the respective KYC process.


Business owners will save time while increasing the value of their organization across numerous verticals. Remote Configuration will allow the change of the operator’s receipts, prices and products from a distance. In addition, it will also optimize the servicing time.


Telemetry is the collection, storage, analysis and visualization of data on the technical condition of vending machines. It provides detailed information on the consumption of products and can be managed from anywhere with ease via the website and the mobile application.


AVERATO provides the opportunity for contactless payment through various payment systems integrated into the AVERATO mobile app. The transaction processing will always be from the customer's mobile application directly to the payment system.

How it works

AVERATO Vending Module is an IoT device that enables any vending machine to accept cashless & contactless payments.

The client’s dashboard permits vending operators to track and automatize payments and processes.

The mobile application allows end-users to see the locations of the vending machines and pay easily and instantly.

The AVERATO dashboard on laptops and dekstopsThe AVERATO dashboard on a mobile device

Set up in six easy steps

Step 1

Unpack the AVERATO controller and install it into the vending machine

Step 2

Log in to AVERATO Web Admin and create a record for the machine and its controller

Step 3

Put the supplied QR code on the vending machine

Step 4

Download and install the AVERATO Mobile App

Step 5

Run the AVERATO Mobile App, enter card info, scan the QR code on the vending machine and make a payment

Step 6

The amount sent is displayed instantly and the machine is ready to execute the client’s command

Tech Specs

AVERATO device and its specs

Processing payments in cryptocurrencies

Are you interested in working with payments on Blockchain?

We partnered up withQuanteralland made this possible.

We have already integrated several cryptocurrencies - Ethereum, Cardano, IOTA, Polkadot and Avalanche to name a few.

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Download the mobile app

Averato mobile application home screen

Download the latest version of the AVERATO App for iOS or Android.

AVERATO Vending App enables the end customer to send credits to a selected vending machine by scanning the QR code on the vending machine.
Users are able to add as many bank cards as they want to the AVERATO mobile app and choose one of them at the time of payment.

AVERATO does not store bank card data or other sensitive payment information.

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